The sales & payments platform built for breweries & their restaurant customers

Relationships between breweries and restaurants are unique, personal, and centered around exceptional products. We're building a platform to enhance these relationships while solving critical, expensive frictions both parties currently face.

Our Platform Capabilities

Payments & Term Financing
Create and send invoices in a few taps, with access to lower credit card rates, seamless bank transfers, net 30 term financing, automated accounts receivable and much more.
Powerful sales intelligence &
data insights
Unlock critical data to discover and win new restaurant customers. Our engine actively analyzes your transaction data to surface critical and actionable insights for you.
Automate workflows
Automate workflows with integrations to existing accounting, inventory and sales systems. No more manual work. No more errors.
Enhanced customer service tools
Offer your restaurant customers powerful features like 1-click payments, automated accounts payable, accounting integrations, and even cash back (on us!).

Our Payments Product

Tab Payments is a product designed specifically for how suppliers and restaurants do business.

Reduce time wasted tracking down payments
Minimze late and unpaid invoices
Save money with lower credit card fees
Get cash back in your business faster
Improve restaurant payments experience
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Our Sales Intelligence Capabilities

Tab Sales Intelligence is an AI-based engine to power your restaurant sales.

Discover ideal, attractive customers
Access the data needed to win those customers
Provide data-powered customer service to them
See when customers open & click your invoices
Drastically improve sales metrics